It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce Manmeet kaur on She has always been away from workout but from past 3 months she is following the busy but fit mantra and is sticking to disciplined workout routine.

Manmeet Kaur
She has been killing all the excuses and initially started with 10 minutes home workout and developed some home workout routines and searched for exercises to do at home but now she is regular to go to gym.Her training consists of High Intensity Interval Training and also weightlifting.She has set a target to burn more calories than she takes in and has made excess body fat her biggest enemy.She is aware of the fact that one cannot get an elite physique in 3 weeks, especially with busy life as she also has a 9 hour job with 3 hours of travelling but she has tailored her lifestyle to make at least 45 minutes for workout.

Manmeet has set up small goals for her and she tries to achieve them within the deadline.Sometimes when she is not able to go to gym due to unwanted or extended shifts in office, she has set up a list of workouts/exercises to do at home or either she completes her daily workout dose with small yoga sessions at home.
She is aware of the fact that only busy workout schedule wouldn’t give her the desired results so she is alsso following the busy diet plans.Its a simple plan, but not easy. She makes a constant effort to forget her cheat meals and make high protein diet her favorite food.
Many of you would have same lifestyle like Manmeet and would be surrounded by Excuses. Join and follow Manmeet to know how she is killing all the excuses, her busy exercise routines, busy diet plans and life a busy but fit life.

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