I know, Finding time to work out is a challenging task for many of us. But it is always not necessary to go to gym. We all can make a good 20 minute effort and do home workout and have the same feeling of following a good gym program. We all can and should follow a workout schedule was not regular to go to gym and follow a scheduled exercise plan from past month or two as I was a bit busy working on multiple projects. We all get stuck somewhere and should overcome very fast to be on track again.

My friend Sharad Pathak has overcome his accident and is back to work out within 3 weeks. He is not following the weight lifting completely that he was doing earlier but lifting light weights and is following the workout plans. He is a great motivation for me. Because I have been quite regular to gym so any other type of workout does not feel as appealing to me as gym workout. This is because when you are doing gym workout from past more than 3 years or more than it is sometimes difficult to replace gym workout.
Sharad and me workout in the same gym . I am sharing a video of him that I captured 2 months back. He looks more slim now and is more focused towards workout. He always mentions that it is good to have an appointment for workout plan rather than having an appointment with the doctor.

Sometimes when he is not able to come to his gym workout then he makes his exercises to do at home. He do pushups and abs crunch at home with very less in between sets to make home workout a bit more extensive. He is a father so sometimes he also has to complete Daddy duties but he make some smart moves and delegate his tasks to make some time for workout. He always makes a plan and never get the positive thinking out of his mind.
He cannot run on treadmill after the accident so he has been following the practice of taking a walk to the gym and this gives him a good warm up before workout. He is also encouraging his family members to take a short walk after dinners and this way he is involving his family in his workout plan.

Great going sharad :).I request all the readers to co-operate and enjoy the background Punjabi music in the video,

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