Use these super powerful fitness mantra quotes to stay busy but fit and plan your health and fitness during the most pleasant time of the year.


Top 15 Most Motivating Fit Mantras To Keep You Busy But Fit This Winter


1.Put More Focus On Your Health

You will easily win the battle from bad health as soon as you start noticing the bad routine that you are following every day which includes bad eating and not exercising. Just follow these fitness mantra quotes and being FOCUS is the first step that supports everything that you are trying to achieve or have desires to achieve


2.If It Is To Be It Is To Be Me

The point that we are trying to emphasize here is to take the accountability. You have to take the accountability of your workout routine and follow them religiously.


3.One Step At A Time

There are the lot of things that you want to achieve in this life. Sometimes you make a list of all those 1000+ things and promise yourself to achieve them ASAP. This strategy does not work 99% of the time and you end up accomplishing nothing. Set a short-term goal for yourself, achieve that, follow fitness mantra quotes, celebrate the success and then move forward.

4.Always Think Positive

There might be occasions when you would be forced to go off on your diet and skip your workout because of family functions that are happening a lot at around this time of the year.But you have to stay positive and get that workout session done early morning before anybody else wakes up. Its all about priorities !!


5.There Is No Harm In Challenging Yourself

Aren’t you bored of doing the same workout from past few months? Well, this calls for a change and get yourself a more challenging workout done. There is a lot of information available on the internet about all the exercises that you can do and n number of challenging workouts that you can fit into your schedule.


6.Forgive Yourself

If you want to be above average, succeed and be more fit than you actually were, than you have to forgive yourself and move forward. It does not matter what you have done, you cannot skip your workout by feeling bad for what you have done past day. It will not help you to achieve your goal. Just take off that load off your shoulders and start strong again.



7.Think Forward

You have to always think forward to have a great workout routine. There are many stories behind each and every workout plan that you check out on the internet and not all the plans give the same result to everybody.If in any case, one specific plan is not working for you then go ahead and think forward to get a perfect workout plan for yourself.


8.Kill Bad Mood And Get Out

Do not just let your workout and body suffer because of the bad mood. Just ignore what is bothering you and not let that ruin your workout schedule. Gear up and get out. Don’t let that bad mood completely take over your slight eagerness to workout.Wear your workout clothes and get going.

9.Do Not Lie To Yourself

Remember, honesty is the best policy and to start with you should be completely honest with yourself. Its a fact that you may find thousands of ways to convince yourself to eat crap and skip your workout but one honest reason is enough for you to not miss your workout and cheat on your diet.


10.Take Care Of Yourself

This should be the priority.You should take care of yourself first then worry about rest of the world. I am not saying that you should become selfish but make your health a priority is always a good thing and then you can help others to set their health and body a super priority for themselves.


11.So What, If I Am Alone

This should not be an issue if you do not have a workout buddy. It is absolutely not a problem at all and I can guarantee you that it does not matter at all if you are working out alone. Slowly and steadily you will develop this habit of working out alone, it’s just that you need a small push in the beginning and you won’t feel incomplete in the gym without a fitness buddy. But in case, you are still looking for a fitness buddy, then read this: Best And Simple Ways To Find A Fitness Buddy


12.Breathing Can Do Wonders

Proper breathing can do wonders for your workout because breathing and exercise go hand in hand. You don’t have to overstress your breathing but waiting for that last moment when you are out of breath and then exhaling out all the carbon dioxide at that very last moment is not good. You just have to remember the very simple and very basic formula which is to just exhale when you lift and inhale when you lower your weights.

13.You Won’t Regret That Workout After A Busy Day

I don’t remember hearing from anyone of my known people that they have ever regretted a workout. You will surely meet a group of people who are so good at making excuses for why they should not workout after a busy day but you will surely regret all the excuses at the end of the day when you take that quick recap of the day that you had and only thing that you missed was the workout.


14.It Takes At least 12 Weeks For The Rest Of The World To See That Difference

It takes at least 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see the difference in your body and all the hard work that you are putting into your workout. Do not feel bad if you don’t get that recognition from your friends and family at the end of 4 weeks because you will see the difference in your body in around 4 weeks but you have to keep working hard and be patient for 8 more weeks for the rest of the world to see the glorious results of your hard work.


15. Do Not Put Extreme Pressure On Yourself

Make sure that you do not have to take a lot of pressure. Staying focused on your goals is the key but make sure that you enjoy your journey.You will fail sometimes but make sure every failure that you face gives you a worthy lesson for not repeating that mistake again.


We hope that these mantras in this article get you inspired and motivate you to be on track for this winter season.

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Cheers !!

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