Workout Plans for Business Man are not made differently but yes motivation that is needed in an individual comes with great determination and persistence. One such example for this is my friend Rajeev Chawla.


He Owns a business and also owns a promise that he made to himself few months back to be fit without compromising his busy routine. Rajeev is also over burdened with his work like many of us and the ability that he has shown to be consistent in workout is worth praising.

He has find the key to find the correct workout without affecting his time and business. He mentions that he has always made sure to keep his workouts excited and full of energy.

He shares his basic rules of success that he followed to achieve his targets.

– He always keeps a check on the time that he can invest and tailor his workout according to time and make 100% use of that time and workout.

– He has always made short term physique goal and tried to achieve them in given time.

– He has always kept the right mindset. He insists on being positive and determined if one wants to achieve the targeted goal.

He is still continuing his journey towards fitness and getting more stronger everyday.

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