Every one of us wants to be fit but because some of us are super busy that we tend to forget fitness.

That is why we bring you The 6 Useful Habits To Be Busy But Fit And Active At Work.

The 6 Useful Habits To Be Busy But Fit And Active At Work

Nowadays every working person whether it is a male or a female have one statement in common and that is “I WANT TO GET FIT” and for that, they are looking for “THE BEST WAY TO GET IN SHAPE FAST”.

Everyone in this world that he/she is one of the busiest people on the planet.

To some extent, it is true because if someone is doing a job then he/she has to work for 9-10 hours daily in the office and also has to take care of other things at home.

SAD but TRUE, isn’t it?

We all make plans about the things that are pending and has to be completed on weekends.But if you see closely, being busy but fit should also be one of the points in the top priorities list.

Some of you must have said “NO” to Be Busy But Fit but if you plan your activities ( I AM NOT AT ALL SAYING THAT YOU DO NOT MAKE AN EFFORT TO PLAN) which need to be completed on weekends and alter your day effectively, then you can make a room for workout also.


So if all of us have a close look at the tasks that we usually perform at our home and in office, then we can surely make a plan to be busy but fit.

Every now and then you must all have been pulled some of your friends in the office or at any other place. Some of you have also pinged some of your friends to get to know the Useful Habits To Be Busy But Fit And Active At Work.

-> Is it really possible to be busy but fit.

-> Are there a small number of people who are busy but fit.

-> Is it really possible to be busy but fit when you are too much stuck with your daily tasks that you cannot take out even 30 minutes for the workout.

I completely understand the questions and would probably want to add one more:

-> Is it really possible to be busy but fit, how likely is it that you will be able to stick to a busy but fit schedule.

I have written many times here at Bizzybutfit to encourage and motivate you guys to be busy but fit but I think it’s worth touching on again because people tend to loose the motivation and we are here to motivate you to be busy but fit.

On one hand, we see a big hype on the topic and discussion around being busy but fit. There is two kind of people, one who are busy but fit and one who are only busy but have no time to be fit.


  1. A journey of thousand miles begins with one step.

It is mentioned already that minimum of an hour of workout is needed and should be done by everyone to stay active. Do any type of workout which makes you huff and puff a bit.Start with a brisk walk session for half an hour. And then slowly and gradually increase the time.

2. Always set small term goals.

It is always good to set goals for yourself and share it with your friends.You can always declare your health goals with your friends and stay Motivated. Set up a small walk sessions and make it a competition to cover a distance within the given time.Friendly challenges set between your friends will help you complete your goals faster.

3. Walk up those stairs.

Stop using the escalators and start using the stairs.You can set up a little competition with your colleagues to reach your working floor using the stairs.As I mentioned in the point before, try and set up a friendly competition focusing on health in the work environment and make a strong bond with your colleagues.

4. Control your surroundings.

It is very easy to lose focus and eat any crap at the workplace. Be theĀ MOTIVATION for all your colleagues in the office and set up an example to eat only healthy food.

5. Turn your breaks into workout sessions.

Your job requires attention and for that, you have to sit down all day and work in front of your computer.Set up a reminder for a 5 minutes break after every hour and stand up for a couple of minutes. Do a little bit of stretching to stretch your shoulders, neck, and back. Sitting all day will lead to a poor posture and will only add extra weight.

6. Walk when you get a call.

Rather than sitting on your desk and talking on the phone. Go for a walk while taking a call.Make your phone session more productive for your body and give your legs a good walking session.Talking on the phone is a good excuse to leave that desk for few minutes and taking a walk in the outdoors.

Thanks for reading this article. It is time and get up and going.

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Cheers !!

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