Simple Diet Plan To Loose Weight For Busy People.

Simple Diet Plan To Lose Weight For Busy People


Everyone is looking for ways and magic tricks to get to know the Simple Diet Plan To Lose  weight.

You can talk to n number of people out there and you will get to know n number of ways to lose weight.

I don’t mean that those people are not making sense, they are doing absolutely great in their fields and are consulting huge amount of the population regarding food.

There is just one thing I am worried about.

Let us assume that you hired a specialist to get yourself n number of recipes which you can eat and still lose weight.

You set a target for yourself and then you were on that strict diet for 3 months or 6 months and you were able to achieve your goal.

You shared your determined journey on Facebook and mentioned all that you could and you did in these 6 months to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goal.

Now, let us say you are not on that strict diet ( that your consultant made for you ) and you are eating what you like without knowing any facts about the food that you are eating.

You have started gaining weight and you are slowly and gradually are getting out of shape.


You go back to that food consultant and get yourself a diet chart prepared.

You have set yourself again to embark the journey of self control and determination to lose weight.

There are quite few people who consult certified food consultants or hire personal trainers to achieve their goals.

But due to bit of complexities they tend to loose interest in that diet and are back to their usual meals.

There are many DOS and DONT’S that you need to follow to loose weight.

Internet is loaded with lot of information containing list of infinite diet plans, reasons why you cannot loose weight.

Information also contains the discussions about hormones, sleep disorders,Pollution,metabolism and etc. etc.


I can tell you to completely get rid of bad eating habits but that would not be possible for anyone of you.

While you gained those bad eating habits throughout these years, how would it be possible for you to jump on good eating habits in just one day.

You need to learn the ways, the easy ways and simple ways so  that you do not need someone else to make a diet plan for you to lose weight.

Rather than getting into complexities and confusions you have to be focused and enjoy each and every part of your diet.

You will be benefited for the rest of your life if you master the skill of making Simple Diet Plan To Lose Weight For Busy People.

It will also be very useful for you if you are aware of what workout plan you need to follow with the diet plan that suits your busy schedule.

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Watch one of my favorite workout to do in busy schedule : Push Ups For Fit Body

Below mentioned diet plan to lose weight is one of those many simple diet plans that you can follow in your busy life to lose weight.

Diet mentioned below is a very simple diet not penned by any certified nutritionist but it is the diet that you can follow from today.

It is always to list DOS and DON’TS when you are changing your diet.

Feel free to skip this diet if you feel that this diet is not suiting you.

do and donts


As soon as you wake up : Drink 2 glasses of water

Breakfast ( Between 9-10am ) : Eat 2 egg omelet or you can eat 1 chapatti with curd

Brunch ( Between 11am-12pm ) : One Fruit of your choice (Do not eat a banana or mango if you want to lose weight)

Lunch ( Between 1pm-2pm ) : It is always good to have a small portion of salad before the meal. Eat 1-2 chapattis with a small bowl of home made vegetable.

Evening Snack ( At around 5:00pm ) : 1 cup tea/milk (skimmed milk)

Dinner ( Between 7-8pm ) : It is always good to have a small portion of salad before the meal. Eat 1-2 chapattis with a small bowl of home made vegetable.

If in case you still feel hungry before sleeping then you can have any fruit of your choice.

not hungry

It is not easy to stick to high protein diet where in you are eating more than 10 boiled eggs in a day or chicken breast

Diet plan mentioned above  is a simple, ready to be followed by anyone without any complexities and would give very good results in one week.

Until next time, Be Busy But Fit.


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