The Best thing you can do is to motivate others for workout which will keep them healthy and active.

Motivate Others For Workout

Doing good things for others is always a good thing and one of the best thing that you can do for anyone in this world in today’s times is motivate others for a workout.

We have seen busy people making a workout plan and joining the gym at the start of the new year. All of them have goals to get into shape and they will complete the goal with a determination that will not be easy to break.

Sometimes motivation disappears quickly because some people don’t have partners as some people like to have a gym partner to be motivated or sometimes to push them to the gym. But sometimes there are many things that are required to be motivated and also keep others motivated.

We talked about this with Iklas Wasi Sheikh. He has his own business and sometimes due to his business, he has to go out on business trips but he makes it up for his workout no matter what.

He makes sure that if he has time for eating and parties then he also makes sure to make enough time for a workout. Below he shares his formula to keep himself and others motivated.

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-> Concentrate on the position
You would be leading by example, if you are watching yourself in the Gym closely and making a note of the mistakes that you are doing then you would make sure not to repeat them and correct your fellow gym buddies.

-> Discuss your Goals & Motivate others for workout.
It is good to discuss your goals with someone who is just getting into fitness. This way you can show your improvements to others and motivate them to set goals for themselves.

-> Find their interests and push them towards it.
Don’t force others to do what you do. They may be not interested in lifting weights that much but they may be more interested in HIIT or strength training or it can be any other thing. All of us should just enjoy our workout and it would help us to boost our motivation to the sky.

-> Participate in Contest.
It is a very good way to spark the motivation. Set up a goal that you and your partner can stick to it and then it would be great to compete.

Like Iklas, all of you have to motivate others to a workout and make them busy but fit.

Cheers !!

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