Read carefully about “Loose 4 kg in 8 days without workout” and get amazing results.

At bizzybutfit, we just love motivating you all to workout, workout and workout even when you dont have enough time or you are dead tired after a day of work.We cannot judge the effort that you have been putting in your office work or how you are managing to meet your business deadlines, we only care for your health and this is the reason we push you everyday to workout by any means.We are aware that all of you are not a gym freak or even care to join a gym. But it is never too late to realize and start the workout for healthy living.


I try to at least go to gym 5 days a week, to achieve this I make sure that I don’t miss my weekend workouts. Get all the motivation here Weekend Workout Motivation For Busy People But there are days when you have to compromise on your workouts but keep a check on your diet so that all your hard work that you have been putting in to be in shape does not go in vein.Saying “KEEPING A CHECK ON DIET” is very simple and easy and looks cute too but sticking to this saying is nearly impossible for more than 90% of living beings on this earth otherwise I would not have been writing this post and also would not have been sending gentle reminders to all of you every now and then.

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I would congratulate those who have been strict and disciplined towards their diet and wish them luck to go strong in future but for those who have been still making promises to themselves on every Sunday that they will start the workout and diet plan from Monday, its time you wake up and realize the importance of healthy diet.

I recommended the easy swap and ignore diet tricks to all my fellow beginners who have realized and are making a constant effort to ignore and swap unhealthy and carb rich food with healthy alternative food which makes them feel full and provide all those good nutrients to their body.

We discussed the daily diet with one of our client and made few small but useful changes in his diet as he was not able to invest more than 3 days per week for workout.
In breakfast,he use to have a glass of full cream milk with infinite/uncountable cookies, we told him to replace cookies with almonds ( obviously not infinite ) 20-25 almonds.

After 2 hours of his breakfast, he used to have a cup of tea with anything that is available near his office which included lots of infinite packets of munchies/cookies, we told him to have green tea with an apple after a gap of at least ten minutes between green tea and an apple.

In lunch, he used to have a good quantity of rice with everything available in lunch and desert end the lunch king style. In starting for two weeks,we told him to reduce the amount of rice to half and stick to 1 chapati with only one main course vegetable out of all the available things in the menu and eat only one spoon of the desert.

In the evening he used to enjoy his tea same as he used to have after the breakfast and we told him to drink green tea with a two egg Omelette. See  Easy To Prepare High Protein Diet For Busy People .

For dinner we told him to bring a drastic change in his diet and stick to only 1 chapati with home made vegetable.

After following the above plan and not going to gym and only doing brisk walking for not more than 30 minutes our client was able to loose 4 kgs in only 8 days and after seeing the results so quickly, he has promised himself to at least commit 4 days of workout ( high intensity in less time ) to get more fruitful results.

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