How to improve Metabolism.

How To Improve Metabolism

How To Improve Metabolism

There has been many discussions on how to improve metabolism indeed metabolism is your very own personal trainer who is constantly trying to help burn your fat and calories. The function of the digestive system is to break the food that you eat and break that into macro nutrients ( proteins , fats and carbohydrates ) and micro nutrients ( vitamins and minerals ) and then provide the energy to the body. If your metabolism rate is fast then it helps you burn fat more faster and it is easier for you to shed more kilograms easily.

It is a well known fact that metabolism rate tends to slow down with age. But you keep it on track by eating metabolism boosting foods and can see the difference in no time.

-> Make sure that you are eating enough calories to loose weight.

Iit does not mean that you have to eat less because eating less would put the brakes on your metabolism. You have to eat enough so you do not feel hungry and keep your metabolism rolling.

-> Always make sure that you are eating your breakfast on time.

Eating breakfast gives a great kick start to your metabolism and a healthy breakfast is always a best medicine for good health. People tend to skip breakfast or eat some unhealthy things just to save time or sometimes they do not have enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast meal. Look for some healthy tips like Easy To Prepare High Protein Diet For Busy People

-> One of the best and easy ways to shed that extra fat and speed up the metabolism is to crash them with high fiber.Eating fiber would always keeps you full and would tend to stop you from overeating. For more ideas check the link HOW TO AVOID OVEREATING DURING OFFICE HOURS

-> One of the easily available thing that can boost the metabolism and is always available everywhere and will always be free is WATER. Drink at least 16 glass of water to keep your body dehydrated and improve the digestion process.

-> Please do not forget to include protein in every meal to maintain that lean muscle. You can have lean meat , eggs , nuts or low fat yogurt whatever suits you to sum up the protein content in your diet.

-> Alcohol seems to slow down the metabolic rate of the body.

If you cannot stay away from drinks , try and skip the second or third drink to keep the metabolic rate faster.

-> Do not completely isolate exercise or workout from your schedule

Workout is also equally important for healthy metabolism. If you cannot workout daily , see the weekend workout plan here Weekend Workout Motivation For Busy People

-> HIIT : High Intensity Interval Training is the best option to loose fat and boost the metabolism.

If you are not sure about the HIIT workout or you have never done it before then wear your jogging shoes and take a quick sprint ( run faster for as much seconds as you can ) and  then take a slow walk for approximately 30 seconds and then take another sprint. Do this for 5-6 sprints and increase the number of sprints gradually. Check the easy HIIT workout plan that you can do at home here Home Workout Plans For Busy Professionals

-> Weightlifting has always been on the cards to increase metabolism rate.

Go and lift those weights in the gym rather than walking for endless hours on the treadmill because weight lifting boost the metabolism more than cardio workout

Until next time, Be Busy But Fit .

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