I’ll be honest with you guys.

I didn’t know anything about how the blog is set up and how to run it.

I didn’t know about the technicalities that come in between setting up a blog on WordPress.

What I only knew was that I have to set up a website and motivate all the super busy people around the world to be fit and then super fit.

One fine day it all started, I had my blog up and running.( Thanks to GOOGLE for all the information)

That milestone was a small goal I had many years ago as a benchmark for bizzybutfit.

I never guessed it would be this good, though.

I still have a long way to go and I have huge plans for this site on how to scale up and provide infinite information and motivation to all of you.

I tried to make few videos, take images and write articles for my site when I still have a full-time job.

All the videos are filmed on a crappy iPhone sometimes by me or my friends.

Please take a look at one of my first videos. ( not so high quality ) but it was worth an effort.

My form on some of the exercises isn’t perfect, please forgive me for that.

Now despite my embarrassment over the videos and the haphazard lack of professionalism in it, I’m also proud of it.

For starters, the setup is all I could afford.

I don’t have a fancy camera.

I cannot afford to pay a gym or studio to let me film.

I have to do it in a single take without a professional script and then edit the videos with all the available free software.

After all, I figured BIZZYBUTFIT is not a business at this point, it is just a passion I work on at night after coming home from my day job.

Which is why I did the most important thing anybody can do when it comes to starting a business, or getting in shape, or writing a book, or anything else that has the potential to change your life’s trajectory:

No, it’s not “read a book on how to film the perfect video” or “read an article on what the perfect workout is to get 6 pack abs.”

This is what I did that made all the difference in the world:

I started.

I am making a not so good quality or high definition videos with not so high-quality backgrounds because this is the only way I could work up and have the courage to push myself to make Bizzy but fit a grand success in the long run in very near future.

And these not so high-quality videos and images and my published articles will surely take me to the path wherein I will have:

-> More than 1 million visitors on my site

-> Hundreds of thousands of subscribers receiving my emails

-> People around the world getting busy but fit.

-> A team of many  full-time team members dedicated to this community

NONE of these will happen if I would not have started with a not so high quality “ the first video.” , “first image upload” “the first article”.

I could have spent many more months thinking and making plans in an effort to give it a perfect start or wait until the site looked just perfect.

So, my point is to push you to take action and stop making enough plans for that perfect time for the perfect workout.

All the best !!

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