How To Motivate Yourself To Workout Alone.


How To Motivate yourself to Workout Alone

This is the most common problem with you that you find it really difficult to workout alone.

You need a partner always and that is the only way you are comfortable with the workout session.

But keep this thing in mind, that there will some days where you will have to workout alone and that is why it is super important to keep yourself motivated to workout alone.

-> Don’t Think, Just Do It.

This is the easiest and to the point way through which you can stay motivated.It cannot get more clear than this that you do not have to think about your gym partner ( if you have one or not ). Rather you just have to get up and head towards the gym.

-> Clothes Will Look More Good On You.

Just think about the recent event coming up in your college or school and imagine how super cool you will look in that awesome clothes you are planning to wear at that event.

With those perfect attire, you will look stunning in your great body.

-> You Are On Your Own.

You can keep your timings flexible and can change them as and when required.

You are forced to set a fixed time for a workout when you have a partner and there are days when you reach home a bit late or have some other commitments.

Then, in that case, you and your partner tend to miss the workout session because both of you have developed a habit of working out together and you think that you will not have a good time in the gym because suddenly you realize that you have not talked to anyone else in the gym in all these days.

-> Don’t Be An Excuse Giving Kind Of A Person.

You know that one guy/girl in your group who is never short of excuses for not going to gym.

You just have to ask them the reason, and they will share the Wikipedia full of excuses with you and blame others for their lack of motivation.

You just cannot be that guy/girl, do you?




-> Start With Jogging Alone.

If you have never joined the gym and you are planning to transform yourself.

I would suggest you to start going for an empty stomach cardio sessions alone for a couple of weeks.

If you are enjoying your jogging sessions alone for few weeks then you can join a gym rather than joining the gym at the start and then not go because you do not have a company.

-> That One Pic That Motivates You To Workout.

I am sure there is one pic that you see daily and wish to have a physique like that.

Keep it close to you, especially when you know there are more chances for you to miss your workout.

Do not stop trying to be that person who is in the pic and stay motivated.

-> Get Dressed For The Gym ASAP.

This is the easiest way to convince yourself to workout alone and not wait for your partner.

You get dressed within no time and go to the gym without waiting for your partner to join you.

-> Make A Workout Plan For Yourself.

It is always a good practice to make a workout plan for yourself.

Set the number of days that you will workout in a week and stick to it. Make a calendar for yourself and keep it updated with the progress that you have made on each single day.

-> Do Not Fill Your Tummy With Too Much Food.

This is what you do as soon as you reach home from the office. You got stuck in traffic for a couple of hours and now you will eat more than required and will feel more than full.

This is how you miss your workout with a bloated feeling.

Do not do that, eat what is required to fuel your body to have the energy for a kick-ass workout session after office.

-> Add Different Flavors To Your Workout.

Mix and blend HIIT, Small cardio sessions, Bodyweight training or sometimes do yoga to add different flavors to your workout.

This way you will not get bored or need a partner to stay motivated.

Keep a note of the workout that you are adding or removing from your schedule and be your own trainer.

-> Have Your Own Good Time

Just what you need after long hours of work and all that meetings in your office.

The workout is the time when you do not have to explain to anyone else what you are doing and why.

What is better than to do it alone.


-> Personalize Disk Jockey.

Select and play your choice of music. You create your own playlist and enjoy your kind of music with your kind of workout. Some people like to swing the weights on the tune of rock music.

There have been many discussions on how quickly one can complete his/her workout when the favorite music is playing along.

-> More Discussions, Fewer Results.

If you are in a group and trying to make a decision, then there will be a lot of discussion around the topic and sometimes that discussion would not yield any results.

Same goes for your workout sessions too. So avoid company and hit that metal alone and more effectively.

-> Cherish Your Achievements And Take All The Praise.

It was you who motivated yourself to workout and it is only you who will motivate yourself to workout alone each and every day.

So no favors from anyone one else.

No one can take this credit from you when you are getting ripped and in that dream physique of yours.

-> No Confusion Whatsoever.

You read this amazing blog about the diet that you need to follow and then you discuss your findings with one of your friends.

After the discussion is over, your friend disagreed on few points ( which is quite normal ) and you were skeptical about those points.

It might happen that you will be thinking about that discussion during your workout also which will not make that workout session fruitful for you.

-> Stress Buster.

There are times when you just have to get rid of the stress quickly and you are searching for an answer for how to motivate yourself to workout alone.

Some of you like to eat sweets, some of you like to go for shopping and it helps you to release all the anxiety.

Workout alone and you will realize that how good it feels. Make a workout plan for yourself and that is all you need.

Simple tricks like these are all you need to be motivated to workout alone.

-> Make Small Goals And Stick To Them.

Let’s say you weigh 100 Kgs and you just read an article on how to get six pack in one week. This motivated you to workout considering that it will only take a week for you get shredded.

But this is a false way of advertising and will only lead you to the downside.

There is no way you can get a six-pack in one week and you should accept this reality.

Rather, you should make small goals that will lead you to the way of a bigger goal. Make small goals and stick to them and accomplish them.


-> Make Your Workout Videos.

It may sound a bit funny to you but it is actually a good idea.

Record yourself while doing your favorite workout and watch it on the days when you feel a little bit lazy and wanted to take an unwanted break from your workout session.

These videos will help you to spot your own mistakes ( if there will be any ) and also you can share those with your friends and motivate all to be busy but fit.




-> Set A Motivational Quote For Yourself.

This actually works. You just have to set a motivational quote for yourself and say it to yourself every day to be motivated.

This will be personal for you and it may not be as good as those quotes which are available online.

So what, those quotes are written by professionals anyway.

We are not looking for the correct grammar here but those quotes should be effective enough to push you to the gym.



-> Print Yourself  A T-shirt.

You just set a motivational quote for yourself.

Very good !!

Just get a t-shirt printed for yourself with that quote. Watch it every day and do not miss out on your workout routine.

-> Shout It Loud.

Set a short-term goal for yourself and show your next set of goals to few of your close friends.

This way you will be more accountable for your goals and cannot miss a single day or have a cheat meal.

Doing so will lead you away from your goal and the fear of losing out in front of your friends will keep you motivated throughout.

-> Get Printable Workout Plans.

This way you can stick that workout plan on your wall and it will be in front of your sight.

Printable workout plans help you stick to your goals and help you to go long way.

-> Be Positive Throughout.

It is a long-term strategy to keep yourself motivated by staying positive about your goals.

No matter what the situation is or how bad your day was in the office, you should always have the positive lookout.

-> Feel The Guilt.

Always think of the feeling that you will have if you skip your workout.

You will have to realize that guilt when you have skipped your workout until and unless you had another important commitment.

-> To Have A Huge List Of Followers On Instagram.

Recall one of your friends who has this huge list of followers on Instagram.

What are you thinking?

Absolutely, why not !!

You can beat his/her count in coming days.

Stay focused and determined to your workout. Click awesome pics, showing off your progress every day.People will be amazed to see your results and will follow you to be busy but fit.

-> Vow To Never Look Ugly In Those Slim Fit Shirts.

You always wanted to wear those slim fit shirts that you bought a few months back but you just cannot get fit in that shirt.

Take a vow and motivate yourself to workout and make sure that slim fit shirt fits you well and you look more stunning than ever.

-> Don’t Look At The Clock.

Make sure that you don’t check the time that often when you are in the gym and when you are thinking of leaving your home for the gym.

The reason I suggest you not to check the time because it might happen that you are a little bit behind the time on one of those days and might drop the idea of going to a gym that day.

It is better not to keep a track of the time sometimes.

-> Remember “You Can Do That”.

You just have to focus on this phrase only “You Can Do That”.

Ignore everything else that says you can’t and keep moving closer to your goal.

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Until next time, Be Busy But Fit.

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