Enjoy Your Cheat Meal Everyday

So you got your ears raised this time and I got your attention when you read “How To Cheat On Your Meal Everyday ”

Sounds crazy, but the vast majority of people who make promises to loose weight are always in search of ways to eat their favorite food and still loose weight.

How To Enjoy Your Cheat Meal Everyday

How To Enjoy Your Cheat Meal Everyday

Well, as they say that you have to pay the price for every good thing and if you are consistent on cheating your meal then it would be not easy to get into that desired physique.

So it should not be shocking to see that everyone is looking for the easy ways to loose weight.

I mean looking for easy ways is great and you also get a lot of satisfaction and relief when you finally get that article in your google search.

In today’s world it is not difficult to get any information about any damn thing. Thanks to GOOGLE ( in most of the cases, nothing against BING/YAHOO fans )

Now that’s not to say that all you have to got to do to see success is to read all those articles, wait a hot minute and BAZINGA, you also have to workout.

After giving you guys a food for  thought, I am enjoying my coconut water.

How To Cheat On Your Meal Everyday

How To Cheat On Your Meal Everyday

Not only enjoying coconut water but some important work too.


See the flip side of that thing which will let you master the skill  “How To Cheat On Your Meal Everyday ” is more important than enjoying your cheat meal.

Which means for you to end up having cheat meals everyday, you have got to do two main things:

  1. Workout consistently for a longer period of time.
  2. Be your own motivation to workout consistently for a longer period of time.



It seems easier than it sounds, which is why a lot of people don’t end up enjoying their cheat meals and are still not loosing weight. Its not that they have not stick to their commitments. A lot of people give up right before they see some results.


I know the reason you have read this blog this far is not that you only looking for the ideas to enjoy your cheat meal everyday or the tricks to loose weight in-spite of eating junk food. Come on we have to be realistic, to get those six pack you have to control your diet and be consistent like a soldier to get that dashboard abs.

See, when you start to workout or join the gym, do not always thrive for that six pack at the very beginning.You’ve got to believe it takes a LONG time to educate yourself in any given field.

Six pack does not come that easy,if that would easy everyone would have got that six pack abs.

The reality is if you have enough motivation you can learn other useful things about fitness extremely quickly and educate all your friends also.


Few years ago, my workout life use to suck.I was working more than 50 hours a week. Though I had a suit and tie to wear to work everyday but I use skip my fitness routines and starting missing my workout badly.

I wasn’t working out. Even on weekends, with no urgent commitments, I used to just lay in bed and spent most of the time with IDIOT BOX.

I saw his pictures and yes almost from no where I got that motivation to join the gym and enjoy what I was missing for very long time.

I took my first step in an effort to try and balance the life and making sure to take out time for workout.

Without discussing it with anybody, I enrolled myself for a gym membership and on first day ( after so many years ) I was in the gym for around 90 minutes.

It was all fun there, the sound of dumbbells,rods, weights and very loud music .

Then it hit me… I should be able to do this everyday and be the one who dictates when and where I’m able to workout and no one else.

Don’t let your surroundings to take control of me.


Till date I always make sure to at-least workout for 5 days in a week and if I am not able to workout in gym, then I make sure to jog or at-least 30 minutes and in addition to that do a minimum of 150 pushups.

Well that is my way of covering up gym workout, you can do any type of workout. Suit Yourselves

The trick that I follow to enjoy my favorite food everyday without letting my great praise for taste go in vain is to not eat to fill my tummy but taste buds.

Weather it is a cookie or any kind of a sweet . Or if it is a drink or a pizza, I eat that without any guilty of adding up those calories which I lost in the gym.

No matter if you eat only half of the slice of that pizza or you eat that full medium size pizza again,the taste would remain the same.

Idea here is to program your mind to only enjoy the taste of the meal and not to refrain yourself to have bite like you have grudges for that pizza and you would see its face again.

One sip of your favorite cola would not add calories in multiplication of 1000 in your body but yes half glass filled would surely have adverse effects.

You don’t need any special skills to know the difference of eating a bite and half of the pizza.

So next time don’t avoid that great pizza or a bite of donuts or a sip of cola, but make sure to stop yourself after after that one bite/sip , that way you won’t miss your favorite foods and would not feel bad about adding extra pounds in-spite of doing regular workout.

Follow the steps listed above and start forging your BUSY BUT FIT PATH.

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Until next time BE BUSY BUT FIT.

Talk then,

Mr. Busy Bones


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