Can you relate to this scenario?

You are sitting in front of your television, holding a bunch of unhealthy snack.The goal that you set for yourself few days back has been gone with the wind and you are still fighting with yourself to give a start to your workout plan.

As you sit there, struggling to get started, a strange feeling of inferiority creeps in and you see yourself all lazy and down.

There have been times where I also don’t feel motivated to go to a gym and do workout.

The thought of sitting down for long minutes and trying to make an effective workout plan for myself.

There have been times where I even did not want to wear my gym clothes.I would sit there and procrastinate and finally the procrastination eventually results in lots of guilty at the end of the day.

This usually results in frustration.

However, the primary problem is not starting to workout or have a kick start to even go for a small walk.It is sometimes the fear of doing the workout in proper way.

There is a fear of looking stupid in the gym while not being able to do the exercises in a proper way when you see many people around you will eventually laugh at you.


This fear can cause you more harm.

So, get this straight.

Not many of us are in professional bodybuilding. We are all busy people trying to be fit while being busy.

It may sound alarming but your fear of looking stupid or being laughed at should not be the reason for you to make an effort to be on top of your fitness routine.

Best workout advice I got was to make a good workout plan for yourself in whatever way you like.

What an absolutely awesome idea!

That sounds so easy, right?

The single piece of advice helped me eliminate my fear of doing any workout and ask out for help and guidance whenever it is needed.

I could just be myself, relax, and do a high intensity workout.

Now one thing is clear, you should get second word of opinion just to confirm that you are doing things correctly.

Its meant solely to help you get rid of mental barriers of procrastination and fear that prevent you from being a more productive and hardest worker in the gym.

Let me show you how to use the “just be yourself methodology” to crush your insecurities and avoid looking like a pretentious idiot.

  1. Don’t be a shy person and be always open to ask questions.

Great workouts require high intensity but it also helps a lot to do a good workout if you have fitness buddy with you in the gym.

If you are new to any gym and if you have not interacted with lot of people in the gym, then you do not have to worry or feel shy to talk to anyone in the gym.

It would be a lot easier for you to get into the groove of a good workout if you start discussing your workout goals with other people in the gym.

This way you would keep yourself motivated and also people around you also get motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

Please note that you have to keep that conversation after the workout because you do not want to waste even a single second from that time when you are in the gym.

Having a conversation after the workout will allow you to discuss your workout for that day and you can also plan your workout for the next day.

You can have your workout schedule checked within your talks and will get input from your fitness buddy and correct all the mistakes that you were making unknowingly during your workouts.

It would be good if you can surf internet and get as much as information as you can regarding your next workout and set a workout plan for yourself.


      2. Relax and be yourself.

By making your own workout plans, you will naturally inject a little trainer personality into your profile.

After all, you are making a workout plan for yourself and you do not have to worry about anyone else or a bad feedback.

You can now correct your own mistakes and you are not answerable to anyone.

Now, mix that workout plan with the knowledge that you received by browsing your fitness queries on the internet and you have the making of an irresistible piece of workout plan.

Just remember to keep it natural and do not go for additional unwanted steroids which can harm your body more than doing good.

Stick to one workout plan for at-least 4-6 weeks and then make minor modifications.

     3. Do not worry about the Rule Book.

If all the rules about having a proper and most efficient workout plan is stopping you to make a workout plan for you, throw away the thoughts of all the rules and just start working out.

Some people try to have n number of excuses of not having a workout plan or a diet plan before they can actually workout.

Just forget about the rules and all that complicated workouts talks you hear from highly skilled fitness you-tubers and focus more on your workout and do it.

Your workout plan may require a bit of editing or a certain professional advice and it is absolutely fine.

You are not a professional but you are trying to be fit and stay healthy while being busy and that is awesome.

Remember : For you to become excellent in making workout plans, you must first conquer your fear of screwing up.

Just be a constant doer and a learner and you will be able to conquer all the barriers.

Once you get use to that, you will find that you are actually getting great in every workout and you are constantly improving.

This same process has worked for me and I am sure this will work for you too.

Son instead of having a one personal trainer you will have all your friends to discuss your workout plans and goals and then you may also guide all your friends and show them the way to have a great workout.

What do you think about this technique? Have you tried this before? Have you noticed any difference or improvements?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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