Here are the hacks to tell you How To Fit Exercise Smartly In Your Schedule When You Have Less Time

You have infinite things to work on, it’s not easy to make your workout routine. Then your plans and commitments to workout in your busy life go without helping and all those easy ways to lose fat are not easy anymore because if you are not working out then only making plans would not help anyone.

No one is too busy, it’s all about priorities.

The top reason that most people list is the shortage of time for the workout as they have to do many things which include their jobs, taking care of the children, attending unwanted appointments etc.

See below 3 points that you can implement to keep yourself motivated.

1 Review Schedule
Best thing one can do is to check your schedule one week prior and you can start to workout on your off days. Most of us get weekends off and most of the gyms are also open on Sundays. You can plan your schedule to at least have a workout session of 45 minutes on your weekends and then you can alter that to 30 minutes on your working days. Stick to this schedule for 3-4 weeks and then you can plan accordingly. Goal is to keep yourself motivated and then you can either increase the intensity of your workout.

If you have things prepared one night before gives you that extra time to go for workout.Preparing your gym clothes in advance gives you an extra push to workout because as soon as you see your gym clothes ready you will get that feeling ” I GOTTA GO FOR WORKOUT”. Also you can have your workout routine for that day prepared in advance. You can have couple of exercise written down rather than wasting time in the gym asking for workouts. You can watch few videos a day before when you are traveling back home from work.


Do not compare your situations with anyone else. There is a chaos present everywhere and everyone is stuck but developing time management skills is great,may be some people have ample amount of time but they do not have time management skills.Do not look at what other people are doing, you have to understand your situation and your priorities.Only workout cannot be a priority but yes taking out 30 minutes a day is not a big deal. I am able to workout 5 days a week by waking up a bit early but waking up early and giving up on your sleep would not be as simple for you.

That was a small thought to motivate you to workout in busy schedule. Until next time “Be Busy But Fit” BIZZYBUTFIT.

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