There are many ways to loose fat and all the details are very easily available on internet.It does not matter if you have not started or even made aplan for yourself to get into shape or loose weight, you can anytime start the process becasue human body is remarkable at adapting new things and routines.

See below some easy points that can be followed very easily:

1) Everything does not needs to be measured on scale.

It is not always necessary to measure your body fat and weight and then constantly cheking it. How you look in the mirror matters most.You can loose the weight and gain the same amount of muscle but you will weigh the same. Seeing that you are weighing the same can be frustating but how you look in the mirror and how you are looking in those slim fit clothes are better options to check the progress.

2) Change your Calorie Intake periodically.

It is always good to change the calorie intake every day. This would help boost the metabolism and speed up the process of loosing fat.

3) Weight Training

It has been mentioned several times that weight training is the best option to loose fat. Weight training increases the calorie burn process and keeps it going even after the workout.It is a myth among people who stick to tradmill or aerobics for an hour in the gym that they will loose fat rather weight training would burn more fat and keeps the muscle intact.

4) High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT )

Through HIIT you give more than 100 & of your workout time and very less time for rest period.This will keep your heart rate up and burns more fat throughout.

5) Eat More Fat

Eating healthy fats would help you to loose fat. It also helps to build muscle and allows to recover the body fast after workouts.

6) Lower your Carbs Intake

Very easy way to loose fat is to cut your carbs intake, especially sugar.Carbs needed for body should come from oatmeal and green vegetables.

7) Increase Protein Intake

High protein diet will increase your metabolism and help to maintain the muscle mass , and thus increases the fat burning process. Infact our body will burn more calories when we eat more protein.

8) Eat More Often

Eat more often and help your body digest that food more rapidly.You will not starve and then tend to eat more after long hours of starvation.


Do not be the person who blames his busy schedule and does not make an effort to change. Be the person busy but fit.

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