Getting a six pack is everybody’s dream and desire. There is no age defined for six pack, it only depends upon the dedication that you can put into your lifestyle and diet. It all starts with a small promise and commitment that you make with yourself.

There is no age bar set for six pack and can be achieved by anyone. Obviously it is not easy but it is not impossible. It is not mandatory to be a bodybuilder or a heavy weightlifter to get a six pack. There are many guys out there currently running in their 40s with crazy abs. Main formula to get a six pack is to get rid of that extra fat.

It is hard for many people to invest 60-90 minutes in gym 5 days a week but this is not the excuse to cop out. There are some people who would spend tons of hours in cardio or doing infinite crunches and it also amaze me of how people think that only doing abs exercises would shed their belly fat and make them look like a HE-MAN. It is not only abs or tummy exercise that would givyou a six pack but it requires each and every muscle to work to get into perfect shape.


You do not have to be a regular visitor to the gym rather you can get a six pack even if you are a beginner at the age of 30. I am highlighting the age 30 because we have come across guys of this age group tied up with busy schedule but always want to get into shape and getting a six pack looks like a never achievable target.

You do not have to get too scientific and do not confuse yourself with the diet and supplementation. Keep it simple and make sure not to eat more carbohydrates that you often consume through cookies, aerated drinks, fried food and junk food. The simple trick here is to replace the high carb food with something nutritional that keeps you full and not add extra calorie that ruins your hard work that you have invested in your workout after a long tiring day. Please see the link : Easy Ways To Burn Fat Fast

Follow below points to start your workout and your way to six pack.

Points mentioned below would be easy to follow for those who have been going to gym regularly but guys who have just started would take some time to get use to this schedule.

What’s done is done and what’s eaten is eaten. Schedule that I recommend here may or may not suit your lifestyle but you all can try to implement a bit of it and modify it as per your routine but make sure that you try to stick yourself to the diet. I have been following this diet from past 10 days and I have seen good improvements in myself in terms of activeness in my body.

What To Eat Empty Stomach :
For the guys who workout in morning, pre workout meal is very important. You need to make sure that you are taking the right food that will give you maximum energy and not accumulate fat. I prefer eating Almonds, Nuts with honey to start my day or 1 scoop of protein with water. Studies have shown that this type of food increases the level of “feel-good” hormone in your body.
What To Eat After Workout/Breakfast :
Eating a post workout shake is the first preference. And you can also eat Egg Omelet, Oatmeal, banana and Almonds.

What To Eat Between Breakfast and Lunch :
If you eat more than or at least 6 meals a day, I am sure your digestion will improve and hence your metabolism will be super fast. To avoid overeating and eating unhealthy carbs make sure to eat healthy in your mid day meals. Replace tea and cookies with whole wheat pasta or you can eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread. You can also see the link :  Easy To Prepare High Protein Diet For Busy People

What To Eat In Lunch :
Develop a habit of eating Broccoli, Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes or Apples to help you burn more fat and chicken to give you more protein.

What To Eat In Evening :
Consuming fresh fruits in the best option. Apples and Berries are rich in fiber. One to three cups a day of low fat/unsweetened yogurt is also a good option. You can see the link to be motivated : HOW TO AVOID OVEREATING DURING OFFICE HOURS

What To Eat In Dinner :
Eat 100 gm of boiled chicken or a 4 egg Omelet or you can eat 100-150 gm of cheese cooked with green vegetables in Olive oil.Busy People Simple Diet Plan To Loose Weight in 4 Weeks.


Above mentioned eating plan is what I am following to set my way to six pack. My funda was to keep it simple and easy that can be followed by all the guys. Food mentioned above is light and can be easily digested by any age group. Targeting the age 30 was to make sure that busy guys/dads can have an advantage of preparing their meals in less time and invest more time in workout and not take workout for a toss.

I will also share the exercise plan that can be easily followed by busy dads to target the muscle the correct way and bum more calorie in no time.

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Until next time , Be Busy But Fit.

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