Beware Beware and stay away from them and Don’t Let These Kind Of People Kill Your Motivation For Exercise.

Its very easy for anyone who hates to exercise to give you infinite reasons and excuses to not workout.

Don't Let These Kind Of People Kill Your Motivation For Exercise

WARNING : Don’t Let These Kind Of People Kill Your Motivation For Exercise.

What happens is that they know and accept the fact that they want to look good but they do not want to invest the effort that is needed.

BIGGEST EXCUSE they have is that they DON’T HAVE TIME.

Excuse Me !!

You have all the time in this world to Eat,Sleep,Work,ETC ETC and you are saying that you do not have time to workout.


It is always TOO EASY to say NO and TOO HARD to say YES.

Always be the one who says YES for workout because that simple YES for workout defines your personality and a lot more about your sincerity.

Because if someone cannot exercise for his/her own health what else can be expected from them.

I am not saying these kind of people are LAZY, No they are not.

Its just that they are the people who allows NO to overcome the YES and got affected by the feeling of sapped.

They enjoyed staying in their beds watching the TV and eating the crap.

There are some people around who just cannot afford to miss their workouts.

If by any chance they missed their workout , they just do anything and everything to get over that guilt feeling.

These are the people who overcome the voice in their head that pushes them to stay comfortable.

Some people takes advantage of their past failures and can literally share more than one thousand stories from their past mentioning the instances where they totally screwed their fitness routines and now they have all the negative feelings associated with it.

You just cannot stuck to the past!! Right ??

But make a note of one thing, that you do not have to get influenced by this past failures of other people but you have to stay motivated and Don’t Let These Kind Of People Kill Your Motivation For Exercise.


Some of these people are very good at planning but not at all good at execution and implementing the plan.

They are aware of what needs to be done, how it needs to done and who can actually do it.

They make plans but what is actually needed is A REAL PLAN.

There might have been times when you forced one of your friend to join a gym or accompany you for a jog.

Well,It was your friend’s first day at the gym so he was all charged up, filled up his form ( the boring but useful stuff to do ) , gave his stats to the coach and started the workout.

But after few days, he was not able to come to gym for one long  week because of extra work in office and then he did not come at all.


I mean, there was nothing which stopped him to workout after that super busy week ( giving them a benefit of doubt that they were actually busy ) but he some how lost that “I WANT TO WORKOUT” feeling .

“If you feel too tired to go to the gym, then you just go and do half of your usual workout.” -Anonymous Click To Tweet

They GRUNT , They YELL a lot.


You see that guy above, take a look at him and ignore ( just pretend that he is not present ).

These kind of people will come to you, and say enough about the workouts but the reality is something else.

I mean, all those who are going to the gym regularly, must have met this guy above ( not exactly this guy, but THIS KINDA GUY ).

I am not saying that you should not grunt while lifting heavy weights but make sure that you are lifting the enough metal so that people will literally excuse you for your grunting and would rather forgive your loudness.

It really depends upon the people and the environment.

There are people in the gym shouting and yelling when they lift a 20 Pound dumbbell just to seek the attention of other people ( specifically girls ).

You need to be consistent and disciplined  and Don’t Let These Kind Of People Kill Your Motivation For Exercise. (You can also grunt and shout if you want )

Be Busy But Fit.

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Until next time, I wish you to be busy but fit.
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