Hello Everyone,

I would like to start my blogging journey here at BIZZYBUTFIT.COM with the discussion for all the busy moms out there.There are plenty of moms who are busy and are very occupied at home and office. We have seen the studies and there are lot of researches out there which state that kids of working women tend to have a more unhealthy lifestyle in comparison to mother who are housewives.


It is not possible for many moms to quit their jobs and devote 100 percent of the time to their babies.It is very important  for all the working moms to develop a healthy lifestyle who have a challenging schedule and have to sit at desk in office for around 40 hours a week.But they can surely make a note of their lifestyle and keep that healthy.

Preparing the food in advance for the week is not feasible for all the moms but making most of the weekends would be a good idea as we all have more time on weekends other than weekdays.Also sticking to the workout routine for busy moms is near to impossible .From taking care of kids to household works and then office work there is often very less time left for moms to workout. But making the list of priorities often keeps you on your toes, so make a list and if it is possible , try to keep workout on top like Busy But Fit Mom:Being Housewife Is Not An Excuse For Pooja

Mentioned below are the meal options that you can swap with your routine meals and make your step forward to be a busy but fit mom.

Breakfast :

Hard-boiled eggs
Cereal with fruits.
Cornflakes with skimmed milk

pasta with beans and veggies
salad with shredded chicken

Salad with shredded chicken
Bowl of strawberries and blueberries

Until next time , be busy but fit mom .

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