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My name is Mr. Busy Bones and I have joined BIZZYbutFIT a week back. What better to start with sharing Best Workout Plans For Busy Professionals with all of you.

Best Workout Plans For Busy Professionals

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Today I will talk about the top concern of every busy professionals who has no or little time to workout and this time we make sure that you don’t put that excuse as a barrier to not workout.


We will try to share multiple programs in coming days and many videos so you get a better idea of all the exercises that we will mention.

Like all of you, I am also a busy professional and always in a search for multiple options of workout that I can do in less time or during time crunch.

For some easy diet plans, look out for  diet plans like Busy People Simple Diet Plan To Loose Weight in 4 Weeks. and Easy To Prepare High Protein Diet For Busy People.

Time crunch is the biggest problem that every busy professional is facing in present time.

That is why in this fast paced life of all the busy professionals health and fitness take a back in the list of priorities.

Like every machine needs a routine checkup, in the same way our bodies also needs a regular health checkup.


We will share the workout options in which we will make sure that we make use of our body weight and invest minimum time.

We will make sure that we train our body with minimal rest and high intensity .

This way we hit those extra pounds efficiently and shed them in no time.

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Workout Plan : Bzzybutfit in 15 Minutes

How to Workout : You need to train all the exercises in circuit, means you need to complete one set of each exercise with no or minimal rest in between every exercise.

  1. 100 Spot Jumping : Stand straight and while breathing in, with a small jump move the two legs apart by about two feet. Now, jump and bring the two feet together and at the same time bring your two feet in the original position.
  2. 20 Pushups :  Get into a high plank position. Place your hands firmly on the ground, directly under shoulders.  Lower your body. Begin to lower your body—keeping your back flat until your chest is just an inch away from the floor. Now Push back up.
  3. Free Squats Without Dumbbell : Stand straight with feet hip-width apart. Stand with your feet apart. Lower down, as if sitting.Straighten your legs and Repeat the movement.
  4. Reverse Crunch : Make sure that your head, legs and bottom are all in contact with the floor.Slowly lift your legs to a 90-degree angle, keeping your legs straight and not bending at the knees. Pause for a second then slowly lower the legs back down.

We at BIZZYbutFIT hope that you will be able to take out 15 minutes for this workout.

It would be good if you start with Best Workout Plans For Busy Professionals ASAP.

Get use to this workout and make this part of your  busy but fit routine.


Mr. Busy Bones

We help busy people lose weight quickly, safely, and consistently.
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