Best Weight loss Workout Motivation Tips For Busy Moms

Being a mom is the most  beautiful feeling in the world and With it comes a great deal of responsibility to take care of your child and even more responsibility to make yourself fit. This is why I am sharing Best Weight loss Workout Motivation Tips For Busy Moms.

Best Weight Loss Workout Tips For Busy Moms

Best Weight Loss Workout Tips For Busy Moms

Everyone is aware of the fact that exercise and good health go hand in hand. But still they tend to loose focus from the workout and devote maximum time in taking care of their baby.

Focusing on your baby is important but you also have to and have to also take care of your health. You cannot just keep on putting on extra weight and give an excuse of being a busy mom.

I know the fact that staying motivated for workout is not easy. Leave alone busy moms, there are majority of females who are not moms but still are not motivated for workout. See Be Busy But Fit Mom to be busy but fit mom.

It is very easy to come up with n number of excuses every day and promise yourself every Sunday that you will start the workout routine from this Monday.

Most easy way to loose weight is very simple, you just have cut your calorie intake and watch your diet and improve your eating habits.

The fact that making changes in diet helps you reduce weight but if you combine workout with this then you can loose that extra weight in less time.

For all my Indian Moms, you have been blaming the cold weather from past 3 months but this is the time to AWAKE, O SLEEPER !!

For all the new moms, workout gives you more control on your body and for all the experienced moms, workout will help you release the pressure of parenting.

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Okay, I got it, you cannot leave your baby at home and join the gym to workout but you can surely make an effort to workout at home.

I know you are tied up with household activities or rather asleep in your free time but making a consistent effort for workout and will give you more energy and you will be extra refreshing.

I am putting down a day by day workout for you to follow and get in shape.

Monday                                                Tuesday                                               Wednesday

5 Push ups                                                 15 Jumping Jacks                                    15 lunges (each leg )

10 Squats                                                    20 Sit-ups                                                 20 seconds wall squat

10 crunches                                                10 hip raises                                             12 push ups

20 Bicycles                                                  15 second wall squat                               15 crunches

12 Lunges ( each leg )                                5 Push ups                                                 12 jump squats

5 High Knees                                              10 Squats                                                   15 kick backs ( each leg )


Thursday                                                     FRIDAY                                                SATURDAY  & SUNDAY

15 Sumo squats                                              30 seconds wall squat                              Active Rest Days

12 side crunches ( each side )                      10 push ups                                                Go for a 15 minutes brisk walk

15 second plank                                              20 hip raises                                              Take rest

15 squats                                                           12 sumo squats                                         Be ready for next week workout

30 seconds arm circles                                   7 lunges ( each leg )                                 Repeat day by day workout

30 seconds reverse arm circles                    30 seconds arm circles

15 jumping jacks                                             30 seconds reverse arm circles


I hope that this Best Weight loss Workout Motivation Tips For Busy Moms will help you achieve your goals.

I wish you to be more stronger and share your Best Weight loss Workout Motivation Tips For Busy Moms for rest of the busy moms.

Be Busy But Fit Mom .


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