How To Avoid Overeating During Office Hours


The Biggest fear of all for many of us ( surely for me ) is to die of hunger.

Ever had a dream of finding food and not getting it.

Many of us have searched for food in our fridge during midnight to have that extra food before sleeping and load our body with unwanted carbs.

We all have that extra urgency to order something very special and spicy in lunch irrespective of the fact that we have got out home made food.

We should tune our body to eat in the need of energy.

“Hunger is a physical cue that you need energy,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet.

Listen and observe the need of your body and then eat the right food that will provide energy to your body rather than extra calories.

I am trying to tune my body to stay away from calorie rich food and avoid overeating in office because we all know, Long hours would not matter in the gym if we are not eating right”. It will take time but if you are disciplined and determined for your goal then you will be able to stick to your diet.

If you are like me who can eat anything at any time then you should have to measure your hunger before you start eating the food cluelessly.

You do not have to starve at all because excess starving always leads to overeating.

You should make the way for food as soon as you feel hungry but if you would exceed this hunger phase more than an hour and enter into that dangerous starving phase.

I have seen people and experienced overeating and starving myself during office hours.

Follow below points and guide yourself on how to Avoid Overeating during Office Hours

  • Request and convince your friends to be available on lunch break on time.


  • We all want to go for lunch in a group and wait if someone gets stuck and this wait sometimes exceeds for more than an hour.


  • It would not be bad at all if you could let your friends know the reason you did not wait for them and let them also know the bad effects of starving.


  • You can easily manage your hunger between major meals by eating a low-calorie snack in between.


  • You can eat a 100-150 calorie light snack which would not add extra carbs to your body and helps you sustain your hunger and avoid overeating.


  • I always make sure to carry enough source of protein in my diet that I can eat approximately 1-2 hours before lunch.


  • I sometimes eat 3-4 egg whites or have beans which are a great source of protein.


  • You can include more fiber in your diet rather than munching those breads, pastas and rice.


  • I like to have an apple or sprouts to fill me up and avoid calorie rich food.


  • Do not indulge in extra eating with your colleagues in their lunch break.


  • It happens with all of us ( with me it happens a lot ). You had your meal during lunch break but you would still go for that sandwich even if you are not hungry and gain extra weight.




  • Avoid those extra munchies during tea/coffee breaks.


  • You want to have tea but you would still go for those cookies¬†without being in the state of hunger.


  • You can avoid the cookies or any unhealthy snacks and replace them with fruits or veggies.


  • Try to not finish¬†your food in a single break. It is always good to eat small meals and by applying this you will only eat home made healthy food.


Until next time, Be Busy But Fit !!

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  1. Manoj Kumar says:

    very nice post about the most common problem faced by all of us who are working in MNCs.
    I agree with all the points and I always try to avoid the extra cookies with my cup of tea/coffee.
    Keep it up.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for the appreciation Manoj.
      Stick to the basic diet plans and avoid unhealthy snacks, All the best.

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