It is morning and many of us look for a cup of tea or coffee to start our day and make ourselves ready to fight with the long hours of travelling to the office.

If you are an Indian, you would prefer a cup of cardamom tea or you would probably make it more herbal by adding Ginger or many other options.but nowadays many people also prefer coffee but tea still is more favorite of majority of people.


Coffee is both good and bad for health. There are many researches which shows how coffee is good before workout and how it is bad when you consume it too much.Coffee is one of the most effective pre-workout drinks that helps you give you extra edge for your workout.You can always give high intensity to your workout and power it up with black coffee.

Coffee before workout acts as a catalyst to accelerate fat loss because of its fat burning properties.Black coffee also increases metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day but also make a note that excess coffee has bad effects on the brain and consuming it too much may result in too much of caffeine’s stimulant effect.

On one side Black coffee increases performance  and improves focus and will make your workout more productive and effective but as stated above consuming it too much is not good. Studies have shown that hallucinations are common cause of excess coffee.

We all know the most common usage of coffee is that keeps us awake because of the active ingredient caffeine which is a stimulant and is a short term booster but consuming more than 50 milligrams can cause increased heart rate and sometimes more over caffeine causes restlessness in the body.

Some studies also show that coffee prevents diseases because it contains antioxidants but also increases contraction in the small and large intestine muscles.

I am not trying to make coffee a villain but as we all know that excess of everything is bad.

Until next time, Be Busy But Fit.

Aah! I just finished my only cup of coffee for today.




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