27 weight loss tips that are guaranteed to make you lose weight even when you are super busy.

You will be amazed to read the tip number 23rd.

I know you are busy.

I know you are extremely busy all day at work and also at home.

Maybe you just got married and have many dinners and lunches lined up for every weekend.

Or it may be any other reason for which your weight loss plan that you created in the first month of this year has gone for a toss.

You promise yourself to prepare healthy meals and stay away from those parties in which you eat anything like crazy and feel sorry for some time the next morning.

27 Weight Loss Tips for Extremely Busy People

Do not take stress at all and read these easy weight loss tips for extremely busy people and stick to your nutrition.

  1.  Remove all the JUNK.

It may sound familiar and repetitive but this is the main reason you are holding up to that extra weight all these years.

Remove all the processed and sugary food including all the chocolates and candies that you bought for your wife to make her happy because you were not able to make it up to the commitments.

During your extremely busy day, it is very easy for you to grab unhealthy and pre-prepared food other than having a nutritional meal.

     2. Note down your workout plan.

It is often known as a best practice to ask for a workout plan from any of your friends without making a note of it.

It will be very helpful for you to push yourself for the workout if you have made a note of that because the workout is also an important activity like any other office meeting.

    3. Set a Reminder

It is always a good practice to set a reminder for the things that you have to do in a day or in the coming days.

You set a reminder on your smartphones to make sure you do not forget the task.

So why not set a reminder for the workout that needs to be done to make progress on your weight loss plan.

   4. Always keep healthy food on your front table.

You are not left with an unhealthy food, so why not bring in all the healthy food options and keep right in front of you.

This way you will not even think about any junk food and would only eat healthy whenever you will hungry.

Buy some green veggies, yogurt, grilled fish, chicken breast etc depending on your choice if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

    5. Don’t run for coffee and cookies during snack time.

You wait eagerly for tea time snacks break a couple of hours after the lunch to have a cup of coffee and few cookies.

Please focus on staying away from extra cups of coffee and extra bites of cookies because it increases your hunger and cravings to have more of both of them and leave you more tired.

    6. Look for healthy snacks options

There is always a chance to eat healthily and stay focused on your weight loss plan because weight loss plan won’t work if you are not committed to your diet.

Do not eat cookies rather than drink green tea with few oats which are a healthy carb food.

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   7. Carry your gym clothes to the office.

It is very helpful if you have a gym in your office or nearby office.

Many of us are not left with much of energy after office to go to the gym and do the high-intensity workout.

As soon as you reach home, you switch on the TV or fire up Netflix and start watching your favorite show.

You just want to lay on that couch, eat processed chips and drink a sugary shake and watch the idiot box until you feel sleepy and start your next morning with the same boring routine.

Make scope of carrying your gym clothes to the office so that you can take a drop directly to the gym and then come back home after completing your workout.

Or you can start your day with the exercise by making the use of office gym.

    8.  Have a gym buddy.

It is also one of the great ways to push yourself for weight loss in an extremely busy schedule.

If your gym buddy is more enthusiastic about the workout than you, then it is the win-win situation for both of you.

You are getting a push from your gym buddy and he is getting a partner that can help him while lifting the weights and re-racking the weights on the bar. 🙂

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   9. Be a Big fan of water

It is very well known hack to drink water just before a meal will help you be more full.

Carry a bottle of water with yourself always and always refill it as soon it gets empty.

   10. Forget Cardio, Lift more weights.

Jogging for an hour would not do any good for you.

Combine high-intensity circuits with lifting weights and you will see a tremendous increase in the overall progress of your weight loss plan.

Doing this will help you burn more calories but will also increase metabolism to a great extent.


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    11. Avoid canned juices and shakes

You like juices and drink quite a lot of that.

Always make sure to drink fresh juice or rather eat a fruit and avoid processed juices which claim to have high nutritional value.

   12. Go Food shopping yourself

If you buy your food yourself then there is less chance for you to store unhealthy food in your kitchen.

It is always a good practice to buy food yourself and does not rely on any other person because you are accountable to yourself to stick to your weight loss commitment.

Any other person would not give it a second thought before buying the unhealthy list of foods.

    13. Cook your food yourself.

Make it a habit of cooking your meals yourself.

I know this is quite a task when you are extremely busy but this one single habit would help you reach your fitness goals much faster.

14. Share your lunch with you teammates.

It is always a good to share your meal with you friends and teammates, that is how you can increase your chances of  eating less.

Keep a close eye on your RATE OF EATING.

Do not overlook overeating and sabotage your diet and then regret later.

If you have got not so healthy meal in your lunchbox then share it and then eat something healthy after a couple of hours to keep your metabolism high.

15. Stay extra focused on weekends.

You tend to give yourself an extra pamper time on weekends.

Its good to be pampered, I mean everybody loves that but do not let your diet face the circumstances.

You have done all the hard work during the entire week so do not let that go for an unhealthy meal on weekends.

To overcome the overeating and over indulging part, do more intense workout on weekends.

16. Do not opt for easy to go snacks.

It is always easy for all of us to grab a piece of ready to eat snack and satisfy our hunger.

But the key is to shake ourselves every time before choosing the ready to eat snack.

All of these ready to eat snacks label themselves to be healthy but are added with preservatives to stay eatable for longer period of times.

It is always good to choose your snacks wisely.

17. Prepare your snacks yourselves.

To avoid eating unhealthy snacks, you will have to prepare your snacks yourself.

Do the grocery shopping for yourself over the weekend and try to prepare your snacks for couple of days in advance.

You will develop the habit of eating self cooked snacks and this will keep your fitness goals alive.

18. Do at least 20-Minute workouts.

It is not always feasible for everyone to take out an hour to workout in a gym or even at home.

But a 20 minute high intensity workout session at the gym or at home can also keep your health in a good state.

You also don’t have to worry about lifting heavy weights at the gym.

You can do high intensity body weight workout at home in 20 minutes.

19. Always schedule your workouts in the morning.

It will be a lot more easier for you if you complete your workouts in the mornings

Make it on the top of the list and a top priority.

Getting done with your workout at the start of the day will be a big sigh of relief for you and you will be extra active throughout the rest of the day.

20. Get over “It is mandatory to spend an hour in the gym” feeling

Get over this feeling and myth that you would have to spend an hour in the gym to be in the desired shape.

People often have  this misconception of spending at least an hour in the gym else they are not doing justice to their time in the gym.

Make sure that you cannot compensate a bad diet with an hour spent in the gym because staying healthy while being busy is a lifetime goal and not a one time thing.

21. Add more fiber in your meals.

Add more greens to all your meals.

You can add green vegetables like cucumber,spinach & lettuce and eat them right before your meal so that you feel more full while having your meal.

22. Eat curry leaves.

Wash 8-10 curry leaves with water.

Chew those curry leaves with lukewarm water and it will help detoxify your body and will improve the digestion.

23. Eating too much healthy food.

You are not losing weight because you are overeating healthy food.

Make a note of not eating any food in large portions.

Healthy foods even fruits and oats can increase weight if not taken in adequate portions.

Watch out every meal and stay focused.

24. Avoid too much salt.

Its not good for your health to consume too much sodium.

Excess sodium can lead to blood pressures and heart problems.

Read the food labels carefully before adding any food to your diet plan.

25. Avoid crash diets.

Do not add pressure to yourself by going on any crash diets to lose weight quickly.

Always remember that sustaining on a diet is hard than adapting it for few days.

Its the consistency that is helpful in the long run because your body will  take time to adjust to the changes and gradually it will become a lifestyle.

If you go on a crash diet than you may screw your metabolism.

26. Join a dance class if you do not like the gym.

it does not matter if you do not like to lift weights in the gym, you can instead join a dance class or a yoga class to do your daily workouts.

27. Do not make bad eating choices when you are angry or sad.

its always easy to eat a bad snack when you are sad or angry.

You tend to eat more sugar stuff when you are in a bad mood.

Make sure you control your environment and do not indulge in bad eating when you are in a bad mood because you will end up eating more.


CONCLUSION : Listed above are the few ways to lose weight while you are super busy.

I hope this article would be helpful for you to stay healthy while being busy.

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